SUPERNATURAL Photos: The Search for Jack is On | the TV addict

Jack's being hunted by Asmodeus and the Winchesters are desperately trying to find him on the next episode of #Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL: Alexander Calvert Teases What's Next for Jack | the TV addict

Jack searches for meaning, and his identity, this season on #Supernatural

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THE FLASH: The Cast Teases Dibny's Attempt at Being a Hero and the Search for DeVoe | the TV addict

Will Ralph Dibny embrace being a hero on this week's episode of #TheFlash?

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Our good friends Mark It Proud released some beautiful new cards just in time for the holiday. We're so PROUD of them and wanted to share :)

SUPERNATURAL: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Alexander Calvert on the Upcoming Reunion and the Cowboy Episode | the TV addict

#Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Alexander Calvert tease the upcoming episode

RIVERDALE Post-Mortem: The Cast Addresses the Serpent Initiation, the Assault and More | the TV addict

#Riverdale tackled some heavy -- and timely -- topics in tonight's episode. Hear what the cast thinks about this week's big developments.

DYNASTY Gets a Full Season Order at The CW | the TV addict

The CW is banking on #Dynasty by ordering a full season of the freshman show.

RIVERDALE: The Cast Teases the Arrival of Nick St. Clair, The Brewing War With the Southside and More | the TV addict

The arrival of Veronica's old NYC friend means bad news for some of the residents of #Riverdale on tonight's episode

SUPERGIRL: Katie McGrath Teases Lena Luthor and Morgan Edge's Growing Feud | the TV addict

Tonight's #Supergirl further divides Lena and Morgan, who *really* don't like each other

SUPERNATURAL Teasers: The Debate Over Jack in "The Rising Son" | the TV addict

Can Jack's powers be controlled? The Winchesters are about to find out on this week's all new episode of #Supernatural

STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Trailer: It All Leads Back to Hawkins | the TV addict

The final trailer for #StrangerThings season 2 is here.... Tune in to Netflix on October 27 for the main event!

SUPERNATURAL Photos: Meet the New Version of Michael | the TV addict

Lucifer comes face-to-face with the alternate universe of his brother Michael in the October 19 episode of #Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL Season 13 Premiere Photos: Lucifer's Son Goes on the Run | the TV addict

Jack runs from the Winchesters -- and right into some angels -- in the season premiere of #Supernatural

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