SUPERNATURAL Photos: The Winchesters Meet the Scooby Gang | | the TV addict

Can Sam and Dean Winchester solve a #ScoobyDoo mystery in the March 29 episode of #Supernatural?

THE 100 Season 5 Preview: Reuniting Against a New Enemy | | the TV addict

The Grounders, the people in the Ark and Clarke will all reunite to face a new enemy in season 5 of #The100

On TV Tonight: Sunday, March 11, 2018 | | the TV addict

New seasons of #TheArrangement and #TheRoyals premiere tonight on E! Plus, #AmericanIdol moves to ABC.

BritBox - Home

Hey Canadians, BritBox is now available to stream in Canada (@Britbox_CA). The video-on-demand service gives you a chance to watch the UK's latest & classic shows. Go to for more information.

CLOVERFIELD Prequel Film Coming to Netflix After the Super Bowl | the TV addict

Netflix very stealthily acquired the new #Cloverfield film and plans to drop it tonight after the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Trailers: JACK RYAN, SOLO, CASTLE ROCK, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and More | the TV addict

Watch some big trailers for new shows and movies that aired during the Super Bowl #JackRyan, #Solo, #CastleRock, #MissionImpossible

SUPERNATURAL Photos: Dean Crosses Some Witches | the TV addict

When Dean angers some witches, the Winchester brothers get some help from someone they thought was dead #Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL: Briana Buckmaster Previews Donna's Family Trouble | the TV addict

Donna teams up with the Winchesters to find her missing niece in the January 25 episode of #Supernatural

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